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Turn your personal device into a conference phone.

Why hover to hear when you can sit back and relax? Connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to the YVC-300 and let the conference begin.

Everyone in the room will be able to hear and participate. And best of all the lightweight, portable design means you can make any gathering space into a meeting place.


Enjoy unmatched quality with crisp conversations and intelligible speech. Hear every word even when multiple people talk at the same time with automatic volume adjustments that normalize loud and soft voices to comfortable levels.


We hold over 49 granted and active patents worldwide for wireless audio and audio processing technology. We have been recognized by Product of the Year awards in every category.


Our intimate and knowledgeable support team is highly responsive, providing our customers with warm, personal service that guarantees outstanding customer satisfaction.


We develop products that are compatible with a wide variety of standards; allowing customers to design communications solutions best suited to their requirements while knowing their hardware investment will not become obsolete.

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