ClickShare Trade-In Program

Rules of the ClickShare Trade-In Program



Return the old device (Base unit, Buttons and Power Supply) and get a discount on a new device to replace the old one.

CSM-1 for a CSE-200 or a CSC-1 for a CSE-800 or replacement of the following products with ClickShare: Kramer VIA Series, BenQ InstaShow, Mersive Solstice, Crestron Airmedia, ViviTek Novo Series.


This is happening right now till Q4 2020!

What’s In For You?


  • INVEST in a brand new, state-of-the-art ClickShare device at an attractive price
  • IMPROVE security and meeting experience with the latest ClickShare features
  • PRESERVE the environment by returning your old device, we will have it recycled

End User/Reseller's Information

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