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No Need for External Operation System


Kandao Meeting Pro can be used as an independent video conferencing terminal. External computer is no longer needed, conference can be easily started by connecting to a screen through HDMI.

Android System for Convenience


Most of the common conferencing software are supported, and can be installed and switched easily. Strong compatibility for flexible operation.

Having built-in Android System with perfect user interface, the video conferencing software can be installed and updated directly on Kandao Meeting Pro.


Plug-and-Play with Different Modes


Pro Mode

Get rid of the computer and just connect Kandao Meeting Pro to a HDMI display and a power supply.

USB Mode

Traditional mode is also supported. Kandao Meeting Pro can be connected to a computer through USB.


360° Meeting without Blind Spot

Detailed image processing with 360° image capture, seamless optical flow stitching, noise reduction, wide dynamic range, exposure compensation, and automatic white balance.

Upgraded Omni-directional Audio System

8 microphones are improved to achieve finest audio quality, which can cover range to 5.5 meters radius. Collect sound with beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression.


Unique Hi-Fi Speaker

Output louder, sound clearer, more focus, so that communicate better.

Two Times Larger Coverage Area

AI Intelligent Recognition 2.0

Apply sophisticated algorithm to achieve efficient and accurate localization and tracking. Optimize localization algorithm with 15-degree ultimate recognition for precise focus and smart tracking.


Speaker can always be in the Center

According to AI face recognition and sound localization, Kandao Meeting Pro can bring immersive meeting experience to participants by automatically focusing on the speaker and emphasizing the gesture and facial expression.

Stronger Compatibility for More Possibilities

Support both 1080P and 720P output while providing H.264 and MJPEG encoding formats. Users can switch flexibly when using different video conferencing platforms.


Easy to Update

Get update notifications on Meeting Pro, and directly download and install on it.

Matching Bluetooth Remote Control

With the remote control, easily turn on and off, switch software, switch mode, mute, adjust volume, and start video recording.


Kandao Technology, is in the leading position of AI digital imaging technology. Focused on creating excellent imaging products, and developing both hardware and algorithm. Dedicated to provide the most valuable product and best experience for users.

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